OPENING HOURS: MON-FRI: 8:00-17:00, SAT: 9:00-15:00


We are now operating as usual after the fire on site. Please be aware some areas of the yard are sectioned off.

Please proceed with caution when around these areas.
We also buy reclaimed building materials

Mainland UK Delivery

Mainland UK – There are several options for delivery. Two of which are delivery from ourselves supplied by our 2 drivers or alternatively via an external courier company, Dobbs Logistics.

Our delivery service is off the side of the truck by hand. A rough guide on our pricing can be seen below. Our service is limited to the areas pictured. Zone 6 is limited to the edge of this photo and no further.

Delivery Zone Charges:

1. £30 + VAT

2. £60 + VAT

3. £70 + VAT

4. £100 + VAT

5. £120 + VAT

6. £140 + VAT and over

All charges are for 1 truck and 1 man, off the side of the truck. Help should be supplied on site for the driver. Any additional help need supplied by Authentic Reclamation is charged at 75% original rate per man.

The second option is provided by a business link with Dobbs, a UK freight company, who can deliver a pallet of goods anywhere up to 1000 kg in weight. All deliveries using this service will come to you on a pallet. The driver will tail-lift the pallet off the lorry and place on the side of the road for you to unwrap, unload and relocate. They do not take the pallet away, this will be down to yourself to dispose of. The prices vary and is all dependant on what it is you’re looking to have delivered so please give us a call for a quote on 01580201258 or drop us an email.

To give you an idea, we estimate that you get 350 bricks to 1000kg (this does vary from brick to brick) or 1000 roof tiles. We have scales on site to check the weight of any pallets that need delivering.

Exporting internationally – This will be down to you, the customer, to arrange. We will assist in any way we can with specific dimensions, weight, materials and signing any necessary shipping documents. We will also have the items wrapped securely on a pallet, crate or in a box, ready for collection.