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We also buy reclaimed building materials

Choosing the Right Reclaimed Doors…

So you’re looking to replace the doors in and outside your home but can’t decide where to start? Have you ever thought about reclaimed doors? Reclaimed doors add style and a touch of history to your home and could save you a few pennies, too.

Reclaimed Gothic Oak Church Doors

At Authentic Reclamation most of the doors we handle are made from wood. They last longer than doors that are, for example, made of plastic. Reclaimed doors are also easily restored, which is great if you want a little project or have a certain style in mind for your home.

Styles of Reclaimed Doors

There are many varieties of doors to choose from, from Edwardian to Victorian, six panels, or feature front doors. Most of these doors come in a variety of woods including oak, pine or mahogany.

Oak doors tend to be heavy, solid and generally have not been painted, mainly because they don’t like paint, plus who wouldn’t want to see the lovely grains in the wood. Pine doors on the other hand tend to come painted as they are porous and take to paint much better. More often than not you will see more pine doors in stock as pine trees are quick to grow and their grains mean that they are very easy to work with. Mahogany doors were very popular in the 18th century and were used quite frequently in Georgian townhouses. Mahogany has a very dark colour to it, is not very porous and is a hardwood just like oak. Very dense, and very heavy, meaning they make very secure doors!

When measuring door frames it’s best to measure in inches as most homes were built with imperial units, however we do have a door finder on our website which takes either mm or inches.

What size do I need?

When measuring doors, you need to measure the height and the width of the existing door and repeat this on both sides of the door to ensure accuracy. If you’re planning to use our door finder you can add a tolerance measurement to help widen your search. We also have an advanced search if you’re looking for a particular material, finish or style.

When choosing either an exterior or interior door, you may want to think about the style of your house. If your house is rustic, perhaps consider leaving your doors unpainted. If you’re going for the more trendy, minimalist look than painted doors could be for you.

Victorian doors are popular and tend to have two over two panels. Reclaimed 1930s also tend to be very popular and have a large single panel over three smaller panels.

The right door is out there for you, you’ve just got to decide on the style for you. Make sure you consider whether you want a light door, or something a bit heavier that could help with sound and insulation, or do you want painted, bare wood, or waxed? Before you decide why not take a look at our selection of doors. You can even try the door finder on our site, which helps narrow down your search. It might make choosing the right doors a whole lot easier.

If you have photographs of your projects then please email them to us with details of the reclaimed building materials you bought from Authentic Reclamation.

Don’t forget, you can come into our Sussex reclamation yard to view the reclaimed stock, or give us a call first on 01580 201258 if you want to check on availability of something in particular.

Note: Due to high demand, some items featured in this blog may already be sold. To find out if an item is available either get in touch or simply select the ‘more about this item’ button. Here it will be marked as out of stock if already sold.