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We also buy reclaimed building materials

Portland Stone Columns and Arches

Sometimes, at Authentic Reclamation, we get some really special pieces into the yard. Some could be small yet special. But some pieces could be of large magnitude; and this is exactly what we currently have. These beauties were salvaged from a large stately home in Monk Sherborne, Hampshire.

Large Portland Stone Columns

Portland Stone Columns and ArchesThese stunning and very large Portland stone columns are circa. 1800’s. They are solid stone with the original base and top sections.

They are currently sitting very proudly in our reclamation yard!

If your home warrants it, they would make a fabulous garden feature, or even as part of your house!

The stone columns are an impressive 8 ft 5″ tall with a circumference of 71″ and we currently have seven of them available. £2,500+vat each.

Large Portland Stone Carved Arches

And then there are some stunning quadruple reclaimed arches, that would make a very interesting feature to a large ornate garden or indeed within an old house. We have five in total of these large arches and they are approximately 9 foot 8 1/4″ wide by 7 foot 4″ tall – very impressive!

£3,000+vat each.

Portland Stone Carved Arches

These stone carved arches are the smaller version of the arches above, with just two inner arches, rather than four. We currently have six of them in our Sussex yard. They are still as impressive however and would look incredible in an old garden or even entranceway. Approximately 5 foot 1/2″ wide by 6 foot 1 1/2″ tall.

£1,500+vat each.

Note: Due to high demand, some items featured in this blog may already be sold. To find out if an item is available either get in touch or simply select the ‘more about this item’ button. Here it will be marked as out of stock if already sold.