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We are now operating as usual after the fire on site. Please be aware some areas of the yard are sectioned off.

Please proceed with caution when around these areas.
We also buy reclaimed building materials

Our Stock of Reclaimed Ridge Tiles

We are in the process of adding all our stock of reclaimed ridge tiles to our website and we are concentrating on the more unusual ridge tiles first. Recently into our yard are some slightly unusual sets of ridge tiles. We get many enquiries about reclaimed roof tiles and the accessories associated with them.

Decorative Ridge tiles

These reclaimed decorative ridge tiles are 315mm x 230mm x 215mm and cost £7.50+vat each.

Reclaimed ridge tiles

Angle Ridge Tiles

There is only a small batch of these 80 degree angle ornate ridge tiles, measuring 330mm x 215mm x 470mm and again are £7.50+vat per tile.

Ridge Tiles with a 1″ Rise

We also have a batch of 104 degree angle ridge tiles with 1″ rise. Measuring at 153mm x 255mm x 310mm, these are just £5+vat per tile.

Triple Club Crested Ridge Tiles

Again a small batch of these unusual decorative triple club crested ridge tiles with a 105 degree angle. They measure 225mm x 235mm x 305mm and are £7.50+vat each.

Half Sized Half Round Ridge Tiles

These slightly less decorative half sized half round ridge tiles are smaller and measure at 100mm x 230mm x 165mm, costing just £3+vat per tile.

Decorative 85 Degree Angle Pointed Ridge Tiles

We also have a small batch of decorative 85 degree angle pointed ridge tiles, measuring at 177mm x 228mm x 457mm and costing £7.50+vat .

If you are looking for reclaimed roof tiles, or any of the fittings that are associated with these, such as reclaimed ridge tiles, reclaimed bonnets, reclaimed valleys and reclaimed eave tiles then please call us on 01580 201258 to enquire. We are consistently growing our stocks and there will be new stock coming in all the time. Please note, these are just a few examples of the stock we are currently hold and many more reclaimed ridge tiles are being added as we continue to add all our stock to our website.

Please click on any image below if you want to take a closer look.

Note: Due to high demand, some items featured in this blog may already be sold. To find out if an item is available either get in touch or simply select the ‘more about this item’ button. Here it will be marked as out of stock if already sold.