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The Effect a Georgian Chest Of Drawers Has on a Home

If you’re looking for some sophistication and elegance in your home, a Georgian chest of drawers might just be the exact thing you’re looking for. These beautiful pieces of furniture have been popular for centuries and are still highly sought-after today.

Recently, we had a beautiful Georgian chest of drawers arrive at our stockyard in Stonegate. It was such a beautiful piece that we thought we write an article exploring the effect a Georgian chest of drawers, just like the one we received, has on your home.

What is a Georgian chest of drawers?

Before we dive into the effect a Georgian chest of drawers has on a home, let’s first establish what exactly it is. A Georgian chest of drawers is a piece of furniture that was popular during the Georgian era, which ran from 1714 to 1837. They’re often made from high-quality woods such as mahogany, oak and walnut. Pieces like this are well known for their careful design and precise carvings. They are truly remarkable pieces.

Looking to add elegance to your home?

The clear benefit of a Georgian chest of drawers is the aesthetic benefits it has on your home. It brings an instant elegance due to its ornate design and intricate details. When paired with the appropriate interior design, a Georgian chest of drawers can be a truly eye-catching centrepiece. Additionally, the high-quality materials used give offer a luxurious feel.

Timeless design

Not only do these dressers look fantastic now but they will for many years to come. Georgian dressers have a timeless design that is incredibly popular. So popular in fact it has allowed them to stay relevant even centuries later. You should see a piece like this as more of an investment than a purchase.

What we offer

Here is the piece we received at our stockyard in Stonegate.


Stock ref: 146241827

Size approx HWD: 1070mm x 935mm x 460mm

Price: £120 +VAT

Here we have a Beautiful Georgian Chest of Drawers available, in stock and on display in our Furniture section here at Authentic Reclamation.

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