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The Top Miniature Model Cars in Our Reclamation Yard

Miniature model cars hold a special place in the hearts of collections and enthusiasts alike. In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about model cars and the op model cars in our reclamation yard, as we have recently received an influx!

Selection Of Miniature Model Cars

History of Miniature Model Cars

Model cars were introduced in the early 20th century. In the early days of manufacturing the models were simple, made from cast iron and lacked many of the details we see today. Originally, model cars were produced by toy manufacturers who wanted to replicate existing automobiles on a smaller scale.

Over time, these models grew in popularity and manufacturers began experimenting. New production techniques and new materials were tested until we reached the model car as we know it today.

Types of Miniature Model Cars

The first, and most popular among collectors, are die-cast models. These models are incredibly realistic and surprisingly durable options. Plastic cars have a much wider range of customisation options as the material is easy to work with. Resin model cars are produced using elastic moulds made of silicon yarn, silicone rubber and caoutchouc. These produce an exceptional amount of detail and are often seen in limited edition releases.

Appeal for Collectors

For many, collecting model cars is more than just a hobby. It comes from a passion for cars or nostalgia. Many collectors remember the joy of their childhood, playing with these small replica cars and sparking a love for automobiles.

The historic appeal as well as quality craftsmanship make these a great option for enthusiasts.

Display Pieces

The pieces that are of the highest quality can be used as display pieces for a collection. Display cabinets or shelving are incredibly popular options for many providing collectors with an organised way to present their passion.

Labatt's Renault F1 Model


Miniature model cars continue to captivate the hearts of collectors and general enthusiasts. The rich history and diverse range of options make them a cherished memory and for some a possession. If you are interested in taking a look at some of the model cars we have received here at Authentic Reclamation feel free to get in touch. From fascinating vintage models to iconic replicas, we have a variety of options that will appeal to many collectors.

We can be found in Stonegate, East Sussex, TN5 7EF. Therefore, if this is not for you, you’re able to browse through the rest of our stock yourself. Please check our opening times to make sure you’re not disappointed to find us closed.

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