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Reclaimed Diner Furniture

Reclaimed Diner Furniture

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the Authentic Reclamation yard is in full swing. Always scouting out for weird and wonderful items to salvage, we sometimes come across stock wackier than our usual stock of doors, sleepers and York stone. In the last week this has included a rather unusual haul of American diner furniture, salvaged from a restaurant in Chatham. Grab a milkshake, put on some classic Elvis and take a browse at what we have in our showroom!

Reclaimed Red and White American Diner Chairs.

We have 10 of these classic diner-style chairs which are priced at £20 + VAT each.

Reclaimed Red and White American Diner Stools

Our next on the list are the 14 diner-style stools which are priced at £70 + VAT. Ideal for perching on while watching your favourite rockabilly band!

Reclaimed Diner Tables.

Our reclaimed diner tables can be found in hip rectangle shapes and unhip shapes such as squares.

Reclaimed Vintage Style Speakers

Of course, if you don’t have a rockabilly band on demand, you can play your favourite one’s through these vintage style speakers!

Reclaimed Diner Lights

And last but certainly not least, we have 6 of these diner lights, ideal for setting an atmospheric vibe.

Like the decade that defined its style, this set of diner furniture won’t be around forever, so if you are interested in any of these products then feel free to come and visit our reclamation yard in East Sussex and have a browse through our stock. Alternatively you can call us on 01580 201 258, or via email. Our staff are always available to give you a hand and answer any questions you have.

Note: Due to high demand, some items featured in this blog may already be sold. To find out if an item is available either get in touch or simply select the ‘more about this item’ button. Here it will be marked as out of stock if already sold.