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How to Plan an Indoor Project

I’ve recently started to redecorate a couple of the rooms in my house. I completely underestimated how much I needed to do to ensure everything goes smoothly. I wish I asked the question ‘how to plan an indoor project’ before I started; it would’ve saved me a lot of time and money.

Look for Inspiration

Being inspired before you kick off your project is one of the most important things. There’s nothing worse than getting the equivalent of writer’s block halfway through a project. Luckily, inspiration can be found all around you.

Whether you’re scouring the internet looking at what others have done, planning a trip to your local IKEA or coming and having a look through our stockyard here at Authentic Reclamation, you’re bound to find something that takes your fancy. Doing any one of these could lead to a snowball effect of ideas flooding to you; just be sure to write them down or take pictures of what you like.

Think about what colours and textures you want as they add depth to the room; it can even make the room feel bigger! A website called Coolors generates colour pallets at a click of a button that you can use to help with the decorating of your space.


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Use Reclaimed Pieces

The use of reclaimed products can offer a unique look and add character to any interior, no matter how it is used. Natural signs of wear and tear on certain natural items such as wooden furniture for example can give a piece a sense of life that will leave a lasting impression on your home.

There is also a sense of achievement if you take the time to jazz up an older piece. Giving some of the stock we hold the love and attention it deserves will be one of the most rewarding experiences. The number of people that take-home items and completely transform them is staggering. We just love it when they send us pictures or return and say how it’s now their favourite piece.

Putting time and effort into making an old piece into something new will mean you form an emotional connection with it; making it look extra special when in your home. Not to mention how much better it is for the environment to use reclaimed goods.

We are strong believers in using old pieces and great finds for little cost are the best way to make your home unique. These are how some people have done it…

The first showcases our fire surround that has been given a clean and placed nicely in what appears to be a living room. Both pieces demand attention and are oozing character. The second image shows our table with a new top in a retro style bathroom. This is a great example of how a piece has been upcycled but still fits a certain aesthetic.

Think About Your Space

In our opinion, indoor projects are always much harder than outdoor due to the limitations on space and what you can do with it. Plus there’s so much more to consider in terms of where the light is coming from, any doors and how people can live in the space. Let’s face it, we spend much more time indoors than out.

Here at Authentic Reclamation, our Door Finder tool searches our database to find exactly the size door and style you need. We also have an extensive and evergrowing collection of lighting solutions to help with brightening up a room

There are many things to think about such as what you want to include in your space or how you are going to use the space. You want to be comfortable in a room or nobody will want to be in there. If you’re working with a smaller room you need to prioritise some things over others. You need to be practical and selective with what you choose. Too much can make a room feel claustrophobic and cluttered.

Stick to a Budget

The easiest thing to do when working on any DIY project is to spend way more than you should or need to. You have to do your best to be responsible with your cash and not get carried away buying things that you’re not going to need.

Here at Authentic Reclamation, we have a vast array of reclaimed goods perfect for your indoor projects, all for a great affordable price. Anything furniture, lighting and even some unique antiques & artefacts to add some character to your room.

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If not then we still encourage you to come down and visit us; we always have plenty on display. If travelling isn’t an option for you then don’t worry all of our stock is listed on our website.

We look forward to meeting you…

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