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Reclamation from the City of Westminster, London

Authentic Reclamation find some real gems at times. They can come from within the UK as well as abroad. We have a few really great pieces of reclamation from the City of Westminster, London and want to highlight them together, so you can see the sort of stock items that we sell, complementing each other.

Original Cast Iron Bollards salvaged from the City of Westminster

Reclamation from the City of Westminster, LondonHaving two sets of stunning cast iron bollards from The City of Westminster, the first is a set of 37. These have a red and gold Westminster crest on them and are all in great condition. Dating back to the mid 20th Century, they are steeped in history and well worth looking at further. They cost £375+vat each.

The second set has 18 bollards. These are plain black, more slimline, but equally historic, coming from Westminster. £65+vat each.

Granite Cobbles

Granite cobbles are always really popular and we have two batches of cobbles from Westminster. Not many left now but we wanted to show you them. Our red granite cobbles are gorgeous, as are the other reclaimed Westminster cobbles. More come up and are put on the website all the time, so watch this space.

Kerb stones

These are a large batch of granite kerb stones, again reclaimed from Westminster. They vary in size a little, but are typically 3-4 ft long with some as large as 6ft. The kerbs are ideal for steps with a 12 inch tread and typically 8 inches deep as a riser. They can also be used for driveway edging as well as walling.

Reclaimed items from the City of Westminster are sort after and Authentic Reclamation are very fortunate to be able to salvage some of these historical artifacts. Please call us on 01580 201258 if you are looking for reclamation from the City of Westminster, London, or indeed if you have some you want to sell. Or please take the time to browse our current reclamation stock, to see what else we can help you with.