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The Allure Of Industrial Interior Design

Industrial interior design has been of the architecture and home decor styles that have taken the world by storm, captivating the hearts of design enthusiasts. But why? The style finds beauty in raw and rugged aesthetics while embracing the appeal of utilitarian spaces. Let’s discuss the allure of industrial interior design and some fun ways you can implement it in your home.

There are core elements of industrial interior design that set the foundation for its distinctive look. Elements such as exposed brick, concrete walls and or reclaimed furniture are key in this style of decor.

The Allure Of Industrial Interior Design

Industrial Design Origins

The industrial interior design draws massive amounts of inspiration from the industrial revolution of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The buildings were contrasted in response to the demand for functional spaces such as factories and warehouses. As technology advanced, many of these spaces were abandoned and left a unique charm that is appealing to many people.

Let’s discuss some of the ways you can incorporate an industrial interior design to your home.

Exposed Brick and Concrete Walls

One of the most instantly recognisable features of industrial interior design is an exposed brick or concrete wall. Both of these showcase the history of the building and add a sense of raw beauty to the space.

Vintage and Repurposed Furniture

This design style embraces the beauty of imperfection and uniqueness. Vintage or reclaimed furniture can add a huge amount of character to your space. If you can find pieces that have been salvaged from old factories and repurposed into shelves or tables then that will add a real sense of authenticity to your space.

Metal Accents and Fixtures

Metal accents can play a significant role in creating an industrial feel. Steel-framed windows, shelving units or lighting fixtures can add an edgy and timeless appeal to a space.

What We Offer

Fantastic Reclaimed Industrial Lights

The Allure Of Industrial Interior Design

Stock Ref: 146243200

Size Approx. (HWD): 930/1800mm x 400/380mm x 400/380mm

Price: £45+ VAT Each

Here we have a Fantastic Reclaimed Industrial Lights in stock, available and on display in our showroom at Authentic Reclamation. This is in good condition…

We also have a range of antiques and artifacts in stock so have a browse on our website or come in today to see our extensive showroom. Any damage will be reflected in price and highlighted in pictures.

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